A Resourceful Supplier of Natural Stone Products

Meta Meta operates under the core principles of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Our goal is to add value to our customers’ lives by providing a broad range of natural stone products.

We also take pride in having great customer service by answering your queries promptly and comprehensively and helping you make the best choice of stones for your projects. We swear by timely delivery in any part of the country because we value efficiency and are highly respectful of your time.


Our range of building and landscaping stone products include

Raw mazeras slates,
Machine-cut mazeras (yellow, grey, black red),
Cladding and paving tiles (yellow stone, blue stone, red stone, khaki),
Lime stone
Tanga stone
River stones and pebbles,
Coral stone,

Counters tops


We serve a wide variety of clients including individuals, organizations and commercial builders and thus, we ensure to cater for people with varied budgets. We have maintained our reputation as a leading supplier of affordable building stones in Kenya.

Our services include delivery of our products all around the country. Besides, we have expert knowledge in construction stones installation. We do it just as you had envisioned it and you will see your dreams coming alive in the hands of our talented and qualified technicians.

Meta Meta Natural Stones Logistics is here to ensure that everything in your building and landscaping projects goes perfectly. Talk to us today.

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